Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mexican night at the Cook's

Tonight we went to the Cook's for dinner. I always have fun seeing Madison and Paige and Bailey!

Here I am checking out Madison's high chair...soon I'll get to eat real food too!

I think she likes my sweater!

I hung out with Uncle Brandon too...check out my pants! Mommy loves them.

Then Aunt Jess and Uncle Brandon put me in Madison's swing...

I wasn't a huge fan at first.

But it got better...

Especially when Daddy showed up!

Here's Madison hanging out with Uncle Dennis.

We both found out we really like beer, or at least the bottle :-)

Here's Mommy with Madison.

And Aunt Jess with her...

Here I am helping Daddy with his beer.

And all the boys around the fire!

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